Marketing Is Done Differently

Like every industry, the wedding industry has transformed with technology yet many wedding venues are behind in making their stamp in this digital world. Couples are embracing technology to help them pick their top wedding venues to tour and if you want to make that list, your venue needs to have a strong online presence. 


Every wedding venue is unique in its’ location, services, price, and overall vibe. Wedding venue owners can list the best parts of their venue and explain exactly why their couples book. But do couples just learning about your venue know that? Typically, the answer is no and that’s 

where I come in!


We will work together to create a plan that reaches all your goals as a venue whether that is creating a gorgeous website or implementing programs that allow you to capture valuable information about potential couples. For the wedding venues that have the basics and are ready to go even further, let’s chat about social media strategies and how to elevate your couple’s experiences with you. There is a little something for everyone, no matter where you are in your journey as a wedding venue.

How We Started

I graduated college in 2021 and took a job running the social media for a wedding venue that turned into me running the venue. I realized that I loved the ability to work from home and that I wanted to have a job that was 100% remote. I am fortunate to have attended a wedding venue working vacation where the reality of MW Consulting came to life. I have taken all the things I wish I knew sooner about social media, marketing, and running a wedding venue and turned it into a business to help others. This business was created to specifically help wedding venues succeed in reaching their goals.


To be completely honest, I never wanted to start my own business. I was under the impression that a stable corporate job with good health insurance that could cover my medical bills was the only way to go. Then I had a mindset shift that changed everything for me. What if I created a business where I could work from home? What if I could pay for my own health insurance? What if I could create a business where I love what I am doing every day? What if I created something that challenged me and helped me meet new people and businesses?


Here we are, not in the corporate world, working from anywhere, helping venues grow and doing something I absolutely love, every single day. 

Meet Madelyn & Whiskey

My name is Madelyn and the fluffer nutter with me is Whiskey. We are very much a packaged deal as Whiskey is my medical alert service dog. I am a chronically ill human with a disability that I refuse to let define me. With that, I do have some limitations and being able to work 100% from home is the lifestyle that gives me the most opportunities. I travel quite a bit and you can usually find me outside somewhere in my free time. Whiskey and I go for a lot of walks and hikes when we can.


Fun Facts About Me:

– I am addicted to chai tea lattes –

– I am part of the gluten free gang, but very much miss gluten –

– I have a dark sense of humor –

– I like to read books however I am the slowest reader –


Fun Facts About Whiskey:

– Peanut butter and bananas are her favorite-

-Squirrels and rabbits stand absolutely no chance in our yard-

– She is a medical alert service dog-

-Fetch and tug-o-war are our favorite games-


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