More About Madelyn & Whiskey

Writing a blog about myself. Awkward, but let’s do it!

I could tell you the super embarrassing parts about me like how I have gone years thinking certain words are pronounced one way and then realizing I have been saying them wrong for my entire life. For example, pronunciate in fact is not an actual word. Weird, right? I know, it shocked me too.

I could tell you that I have a disability and that I am one of the fortunate ones to have a service dog, a treatment plan, doctors that listen, and an amazing support system. Simple things that everyone should have yet my story of endless specialists and not getting a diagnosis until I was on deaths door begging for help and desperate before I found a doctor to take me seriously and actually help me after 21 years of this cycle is in fact a common story in the world of chronic illness. It disgusts me to my core. My struggles with this extremely large aspect of my life is a large reason why I created MW Consulting. Working full time in an office setting is not an option for me with my health and how I manage my disability to be able to live my life to the fullest. So, I created my own business and my own career that allows me to have it both ways. Can’t forget to send a shout out to my support system of amazing humans that helped me realize that this was a possibility, and that I could make it happen. And I did.

I could tell you that I got a puppy before I even knew I needed a service dog, not having the slightest clue how important this fluff ball would be to me. Instagram trends say that girls that get dogs in their 20s turn out to be their soul dogs that get them through some of the hardest times. I’ll agree with this one. Whiskey has taught me more than I can put in this blog post. Go follow her on Instagram and Tik Tok, I promise you won’t regret it.

I could tell you that I was a volunteer firefighter for over five years and that this year, I chose to put my health first and resigned. It ate at me for months. There were so many conversations and tears. It was a part of my personality and the world doesn’t talk about what it is like to move on from something like that. But while my time with the fire service has come to an end, what it has taught me will stay with me forever and help me with this next chapter of my life.

I could tell you that I struggle with my mental health and that it took me years to ask for help, get the help I needed, and then talk about it to anyone let alone now the world. My anxiety was debilitating for a long period of my life. My parents noticed and helped me (which is not the story for everyone) and always made mental health a topic of conversation in our house. It was never looked at as me being weak, but me taking care of myself so that I could then help others.

I could tell you that I love to overshare, if you haven’t caught on to that. You want to know about what I have gone through medically? Ask away because if anyone can learn from what I went through to avoid some of the pain and suffering I went through, wouldn’t that just be amazing? You want to know more about my service dog? Go stalk Whiskey’s social media. I talk about what it’s like training my own service dog, all about chronic illness, her straight up goofiness, and of course our travels!

I could tell you that I am a gluten free human, very much not by choice and I really miss regular bread. I have also learned how much food affects your body and I am teaching myself with the help of my lovely mother how to cook more than the same 10 meals on rotation……

I could tell you that I went on my first solo trip last summer in 2022 and it was the best decision I have ever made next to graduating high school early. I found myself an Air B&B in Colorado, drove across the country with my momma and Whiskey, got settled in, then mom flew home and I sobbed at the airport. I then spent two months working remotely, hiking, meeting new people, and exploring as much as I could. My partner flew out at the end and drove back home across the country with me and Whiskey girl. Short recap of my feelings, I will be moving out west one day and if you have not been out that way, please go.

I could tell you I am addicted to red raspberry leaf tea, cheese, and chai tea lattes. I will each a straight up brick of cheese in public and not have a care in the world. Love cheese. Even if it doesn’t love me.

I could tell you that I was a collegiate athlete and yes, bowling is a sport. I graduated college in 2021 with my bachelor’s in business administration with a minor in marketing and a concentration in digital marketing. Yes, I was and still am an overachiever but with more realistic standards now. I have no debt from college and will forever tell people that you do not need to go away for college to still have “the college experience”. I will also forever tell people that having a degree has created some amazing opportunities for me that I would not have had otherwise, but that does not mean that college is for everyone. I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do with my life after college and two years later, here I am actually using my degree.

I could tell you I have a blanket obsession. I have way too many and I do not care, I will still always want more. The same goes for Yetis, topple dog toys for Whiskey, candles, and books that I will eventually read one day.

I could tell you nature is my happy place. Whiskey and I go for hikes and walks whenever we can. She loves to chill with me in my hammock and is down for a game of fetch absolutely anywhere. Being able to travel and see more of the world is my “why” in life and another one of the many reasons I created a business that allows me to do that. #remoteworklifeforever

I could tell you a million and one things, but I hope these few points have shown you a little more about me, Whiskey, and why I created MW Consulting. We hope you follow along on our journey and reach out to see how MW Consulting can help you grow your business or pass our name on to a friend that might benefit from a chat over a cup of coffee!

See you next time!