Three Reasons Wedding Venues Should be Checking Google Analytics

I feel like the title is enough of an intro and so let’s dive right in.

Identifying Popular Content: 

Think of Google Analytics like a TV rating system. It lets you know which parts of your venue’s website are the ‘top shows’ -the pages that get the most visitors and keep them on your site the longest. Having this information can help you determine what potential clients are most interested in, such as certain wedding packages or photo galleries.

Understanding Your Audience:

You can find out a lot about your audience with the help of Google Analytics. It helps you understand where your website visitors are coming from, what devices they’re using, and even demographic information like age and gender. This is crucial as it allows you to tailor your content and marketing strategies to the right audience, making your efforts more effective and efficient. The old “work smarter, not harder” thing? This is that and it’s free.

Evaluating Marketing Success:

If your venue were a store, Google Analytics would be the sales report. Instead of telling you the products sold, it helps you measure the success of your marketing campaigns by showing you where your traffic is coming from (organic search, paid ads, social media, etc.) and what actions visitors are taking on your site. This way, you can see which marketing efforts are paying off and which ones might need a different approach.

That’s all fine and dandy that it can do all of that, but what does any of it actually mean if you are just starting out? How do you apply any of this to your marketing efforts even if you are not doing paid ads? Google Analytics is a tool that helps you to learn how to pivot in an ever-changing digital landscape. Here are two specific examples of information learned from Google Analytics and what a suggested change would be with basic marketing efforts in place from a venue.

Example One: Information from Google Analytics

  • Mostly females between the ages of 26-42 are coming to our website
  • The bounce rate for the pricing page is higher than any other page


If this venue had anything listed as their ideal client other than females between the ages of 26-42, that would be the first big change. There are different strategies for marketing to different age groups, whether that is the actual content you are putting out there or the platforms that you are pushing content out on. 

There are so many reasons that the bounce rate is higher on the pricing page than any other pages, BUT it is something that should be dug into. Some questions to ask may be:

  • What feedback have you been receiving on your pricing? Is it too high? 
  • If your prices are perceived as too high, how are you communicating the value of your venue to potential clients?
  • Do you need to highlight more on what is included at your venue on your social media and in marketing efforts?
  • Do you need to create a video with a videographer to help people understand your venue more clearly to make the price match your value for the couples?

Example Two: Information from Google Analytics 

  • People are spending a lot of time in two specific wedding photo galleries
  • Many users are coming to our site from Instagram on their mobile devices


Again, a lot of things could be happening here so here are some questions to ask first:

  • Have these galleries been up for a while or are they recent?
  • Have we been posting these pictures on social media lately or is there no correlation?
  • Has your posting increased on Instagram?
  • Has your strategy changed on Instagram?
  • Why just Instagram? Are other platforms close behind or super far off?
  • Is a recent or older reel taking off and people are coming from that?

Each of these has different places you can go with them to make marketing decisions.

  • Post more of the photos from the galleries that users are viewing on your website on your social media pages.
  • Ask that couples in for an interview and do a series on that couple if people are showing a ton of interest in their specific wedding.
  • If a reel is taking off, share it on your story. Tag vendors in that story and get people talking about it even more. 
  • Pivot your posting strategy to focus more on Instagram and less on, let’s say Youtube if you are spending your efforts on Youtube but Instagram is taking off and not that. Take those Youtube videos and cut them into smaller clips, and make them into reels.

The opportunities with Google Analytics are greater than many wedding venues and businesses generally understand. If you are interested in learning more but do not know how to set up your account or where to start, click here for a Youtube instructional video.

If you watch that video and are as lost as can be, we got you. Reach out to set up a consultation today and we can get you set up and ready to go collecting all the free data!

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